New Media for a Changing World

We design and develop new-media installations and experiences. Design and technology are our artistic medium for making complex information and social issues tangible for a wide audience. In this way we make transformative experiences for a broader perspective on a changing world.

Impact design

Studio Bertels helps scientists articulate, visualize and realize inspiring valorisation projects that have social impact and spark fantasy.

Visitor Experiences

Studio Bertels designs and produces unforgettable visitor experiences in which the relevant message, design and innovative technology reinforce each other.

Autonomous Projects

Studio Bertels initiates projects to generate impact for important social themes such as inclusion, digital literacy and to discover new ways of telling stories.

Educational Projects

Studio Bertels develops social software for education on the web in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to enhance social change and tolerance.









Osaka, Japan

Dutch pavilion world exhibition Osaka 2025

As part of Tellart, in an enthusiastic, like-minded collaboration with Rau Architecten and the engineers of DGMR, I was involved in developing the pavilion from the European tender to the final design. Ranging from narrative, emotional journey and content strategy to practical elaboration of the means of communication in the guest experience.

Based on KesselsKramer's concept, we have developed this into a pavilion in which we are introduced to new technologies generated from water that can make renewable energy more accessible to everyone: A New Dawn on Common Ground.

Neom, Saudi Arabie

Industry 4.0 becomes tangible in the mixed reality experience during the NEOM Factory Experience

As part of Tellart, we are designing, with Bain & Company and Bosch Industry Consulting, a visitor experience in which complex industrial vistas about clean manufacturing, preemptive maintenance and digital twins are made tangible in a working demo factory.

The experience blurs the boundary between the physical and the digital by using Mixed Reality that connects seamlessly to all machines in the factory: Data flows, predictions of robot arm behavior and product flow optimizations become visible in real time.

Amaala, Saudi Arabie

Corelium, the marine life institute with a heartbeat

As part of Tellart, together with the Expo Pavilion Group, we design a visitor experience in which our symbiotic relationship with all life in the Red Sea becomes tangible and emotive. Through interactive media and immersive experiences, visitors learn in an accessible way what the challenges we are facing and how we can contribute to help marine life thrive.

Through the combination of emerging technologies and the aquariums in the institute, we are able to offer an emotive experience in which visitors feel inextricably connected to all life in the institute, in the Red Sea and the world.

Wereldmuseum, Amsterdam

First names monument for enslaved people in the Netherlands

The digital names monument of the enslaved in the exhibition The Heritage is a monument in which we make an invisible history visible. For the first time, all enslaved people in Dutch history (as far as we know and are digitally accessible) have been collected in one digital monument.

Reizende presentatie

Big data from the VOC comes to life in augmented reality data stories

The names of all crew members, their salaries are accurate to the day and cent. The size of the cargo, from spices to enslaved people. The Dutch East India Company recorded it all. Behind the cold administration there are stories, stories of flesh and blood, about migration, exploitation and unprecedented mortality.

With AR visualisations, the VOC Data Experience makes the VOC data come to life. What do the datasets reveal about the acclaimed and infamous history of the VOC?

In ontwikkeling

City scenes of Amsterdam in which children visualise the social fabric of Amsterdam

Educational program with the Amsterdam City Archives and research group Freedom of the Streets in which students creatively depict historical situations in AR, making the social fabric visible in a virtual layer over the entire city.


World-famous Dutch land art can be experienced online in a unique way

An online platform for 360 registration of the works of Land Art Flevoland in which a unique human perspective is offered on each work, making them available to a wider audience.

Clients, partners and organizations we have worked with

  • Allard Pierson
  • Amsterdam Light Festival
  • Amsterdam Museum
  • Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
  • Belasting & Douane Museum
  • Beeld en Geluid
  • Bibliotheek Hoogeveen
  • Burgers’ Zoo
  • De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
  • Deltapark Neeltje Jans
  • Diamant Museum
  • Drents Archief
  • Drents Museum
  • Enza Zaden
  • Europese Centrale Bank
  • EYE Filmmuseum
  • Florence Nightingale Instituut
  • Fries Museum
  • Fries Verzetsmuseum
  • Gemeente Dalfsen
  • Gemeente Den Haag
  • Gemeente Rotterdam
  • Grachtenmuseum Amsterdam
  • Grote Kerk Alkmaar
  • Hermitage Amsterdam
  • Het Gelders Orkest
  • Het Noordbrabants Museum
  • Scheepvaartmuseum
  • Huygens ING
  • IISG
  • Joods Historisch Museum
  • Kentalis
  • Keramiekmuseum Princessehof
  • Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam
  • Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie
  • Kunsthal Rotterdam
  • Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland
  • Lân fan Taal
  • Legermuseum
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi
  • Marinemuseum
  • Mariniersmuseum
  • Mauritshuis
  • M Leuven
  • Museum BroekerVeiling
  • Museum Bronbeek
  • Museum Rotterdam
  • Museum Rotterdam ‘40-‘45.NU
  • Museum Volkenkunde
  • Museum voor Natuurwetenschappen BE
  • Nationaal Archief
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • NEMO Science Museum
  • Noord-Hollands Archief
  • Onderwijsmuseum
  • Ouwehands Dierenpark
  • Philips Museum
  • PIT Veiligheidsmuseum
  • ProDemos
  • Raad van State
  • Rijksmuseum Boerhaave
  • Rijksmuseum van Oudheden
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam
  • Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  • Stichting Cultuur en Grensgeschiedenis
  • Stichting Nederlandse Veteranendag
  • Stichting Vredeseducatie
  • Tassenmuseum Amsterdam
  • Teylers Museum
  • Titanic Belfast
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Tropenmuseum
  • Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht
  • Zuiderzeemuseum